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Sea, Shells and Smells


Summer shouts VACATION & what better vacation than a trip to the beach

the essence of the . . .

Sea, Shells and Smells!

A trip to the beach implies—

Seagulls in flight, crashing waves, sandy toes
Ocean spray in a gaping mouth
Tangy sea air infiltrating the nose

 A walk on the beach uncovers—

Sand castles, starfish, sand dollars, seashells
Sea crabs among beds of sea grass
Aromatic scents of salty sea smells

 A day at the beach commands—

Sun-drenched skin, tan lines
A picnic on a beach blanket
Undertow warning signs

 A ride along the beach means—

Fresh air slapping the face
Sea smells blowing in the wind
Smiles all over the place

What is this pungent sea smell
In the air, in the sand
Among dead crab-shells
Spreading from sea to land?

It’s tiny pearls of inspiration
Scattered along a seashore of decay
Bits and pieces of nature’s poignant gifts
Waiting to be found any given day

 It’s the flight of imagination
Inhaling, exhaling with the tide
Nostalgic moments to be captured
Freeing emotions once held inside

Sharla Lee Shults

“Once your feet have touched the warm sun-drenched sand of the seashore
you will never be the same.”
~Patsy Gant


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