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The Reason for the Season: Spread the pure Joy!

The Christmas season is filled with times of joyful gathering…family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances from many different backgrounds. The main question is…why do you join others in celebration at this time of year? Is it simply feasting and partying, dressing in fancy attire, for camaraderie, perhaps time to catch up on happenin’s throughout the year? What makes it different from any other gathering? There is only one reason for this season which should remain at the top of the list, the star of the Christmas tree, the most wondrous gift of them all…

May we never be so focused on getting gifts & PRESENTS 
that we forget to receive…
…the gift of HIS PRESENCE!


Spread the pure joy!

There is magic in Christmas
A time for joy, a time of peace
Sharing, caring, preparing
As cascading snowflakes increase
A star tops the Christmas tree
Presents of love beneath
All in the joy of giving
Encircling like a wreath
People come, people go
All in the name of good cheer
Wishing Merry Christmas
And the happiest New Year
Coziness of a fireplace
A warm hug, tender kiss
Christmas Eve closes in prayer
No one dares not miss
While saying Merry Christmas
With wishes for a Happy New Year 
How many celebrate birth
The real reason behind all the cheer?
Wining, dining, feeling fine
Feasting on the best
When asked why YOU celebrate
What do you attest?
Hope in Christmastime
The message of the season
Birth of our Savior
Truly the blessed reason



Joyous Wishes on a Blessed Day!


From Awakenings and catnipoflife

The Soul of Christmas


Full-bodied aromas
Permeate the nose
Along busy sidewalks
Where everything glows


Joyous melodies
Vibrate all through the air
Amidst hustle ’n’ bustle
Of shoppers everywhere


Bundled from head to toe
Out despite the weather
Wassailing and caroling
Bring us all together


Balsam, spruce and fir
Boughs that glisten and gleam
Bells, balls and tinsel
Add magic to the scene


Sights, sounds, aromatic scents
Surround all the fuss
Bringing out the childish ways
In each and every one of us


A time of giving
Welcomes heartfelt returns
Tears, smiles and laughter
Just what the spirit yearns


Great joy, new beginnings
The soul of Christmas brings
Happy birthday, Jesus
The holy church bell rings


“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things-not the great occasions-give off the greatest glow of happiness.”

—Bob Hope (British-born American comedian & actor, 1903–2003)



Meowy Christmas & Purr-fect New Year

Catnip wishes for a Meowy Christmas and
Purr-fect New Year. . .

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Decorate every nook, crook & cranny of your home
Cherish the moments, relish the goodies
Then, enjoy the get-togethers along with the left overs
Until Christmas is over and done

May the joy & festivities continue to radiate in your lives
long after Christmas is gone.

Meowy Christmas! Happy Purr-fect New Year!



“This is why you marry your best friend.”

Repinned from for the heart by Barbara Eastlick

There are many who say, “I married my best friend.” Perhaps they grew up in the same neighborhood, attended the same church or school, or simply met somewhere along life’s highway. Whatever the situation, they bonded. . .a bond that remained taut through good times and bad, happiness and heartache.  None of these times went lacking for humor. 

Smiles and laughter keep the mind active, fill the heart with joy and supply food for the soul.  ~ catnipoflife


10 Cutest Cat Moments

Of course, you know I could not stop with only one ‘cat moment’ posting. Here is another and a great way to end the evening or begin a new day with smiles and laughter (depending upon whether you read this tonight or in the morning)!

Smiles to you yesterday, today and tomorrow:>)


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