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The Owl

on February 7, 2016

What recollections do you have of the owl? As a child, mine are two fold. First the nursery rhyme, The Wise Old Owl, which handed down through tradition merits the art of measuring our words. Basically it is told in an attempt to teach a child the virtue of being quiet! Second is the nonsense poem The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. Within the poem’s verses is mention of four animals – an owl, a cat, a pig, and a turkey, each with an important role toward a happy love story ending.

With the month of February being the month of love and Valentine’s Day only a week away, let’s venture forth with this second one foremost in mind.

Of the four animals from the poem, why place emphasis on the owl? Perhaps because it is the least recognized throughout the year. Oink! Oink! Oink! celebrates National Pig Day (March 1),  It’s Party Time…for the CAT! focuses full attention on our feline friend for National Cat Day (October 29) while Gobble Gobble Gobble sets our sights on a holiday feast at Thanksgiving in November! Question is…When is Owl Day?


Who-o-o-o-o is who?

Before setting our sights on a day of celebration for the owl, perhaps a bit of owl knowledge will establish reason and purpose behind why such a celebration might be in order. How much do you know about the owl? It is a bird, it has big eyes, it sits in trees (often screeching, thus the Screech Owl), it is a night predator (thus, the Night Owl which describes many a human), it is shrouded in witches’ tales. Um-m-m-m? Is that all there is to the owl? Not hardly…



A funny little bird
Big eyes, crooked beak
Avid hunter by night
By day hide ‘n’ seek


Mystique in silent flight
Quick and eloquent
Supple velvety down
Soft and elegant


Victory in battle
A gourmet mainstay
Bye bye pesky rodents
Owl’s favorite prey


With a turn of the head
Almost all way ’round
Super-powered senses
Hardly miss a sound


Mysterious hissing
Creepy hooty hoot
Masters of spookiness
Yet oh so darn cute

Though it’s illegal to keep owls as pets in the United States, they’re intelligent and sociable. (Most of the time, anyway—owls can attack humans when feeling threatened.) In Japan, there are even owl cafés, where you can hang out with owls while drinking tea.

What are your thoughts on a designated Owl Day? Would you like to celebrate and what date do you think it should be?



7 responses to “The Owl

  1. Micki Peluso says:

    Owls are my favorite bird. Other than that my head is mush right now and I have no ideas. You haven’t been to my blog in ages–aren’t you getting notifications? I still need to now where to get ‘free’ pictures–having no luck. If I am well I have a Valentine’s Day blog bbut needs pics.

    • catnipoflife says:

      Hi, Micki. Will venture over this afternoon. Morning is filled with drs visits as usual. Seems like that is the only time away from home that gets on our calendar any more. Think of you often and glad to know you are well! Please, please send me an email any time you need pics. Just be sure to use the Google acct. Hugs across the miles!

  2. Owls are definitely the most interesting of all avians. I like them almost as much as eagles. They remind me of myself: cute and adorable-looking on the outside. But, when they want something, they metamorphose into ravishing monsters. 🙂

    • catnipoflife says:

      That is so-o-o-o funny! Love your comments and really glad you stopped by. I have been very bad in visiting but hopefully this year will present a turn around…in fact, many turns in many different directions!

  3. What a wonderful blog post, in particular for me who loves owls so much!! Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures – and of course your poem, Sharla. Beautiful!! ❤

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